Guidelines for Presenters

There is 20 minutes total time dedicated for oral presentation of every paper: 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes for subsequent discussion. A presentation computer will be prepared. MS Powerpoint PPTX files and Adobe Acrobat PDF files are accepted. Please avoid using your personal computer for presentation, if possible. It will be possible to upload and test your presentations during coffee breaks. Technical support will be available all the time during the conference sessions.

Structure and preparation

  • Minimum font size: 14
  • Presentations are to be prepared and held in English
  • Slides for the presentation must be uploaded to a cloud drive via filedrop until October 25th with the paper ID (e.g. ID123) being included in the file name. The slides will not be altered by us and should be able to be shown as-is.

During the paper sessions (October 26-27)

  • Preparation time next to the stage just before the presentation to set up personal microphone for the speaker (5 minutes)
  • Live presentation with 10 – 15 slides (15 minutes)
  • Afterwards, questions from the audience and discussions via chat (5 minutes)
  • Online presenters will have the opportunity for a trial run the day before the presentation

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact the conference team at

Template & Upload

You can download the template for your presentation here: Presentation template (PPTX)

Please upload your presentation before October 25th here, with the paper ID (e.g. ID123) being included in the file name: Presentation upload (PPTX or PDF)